Pack Time Changes in 2022

Matthew Richardson, Staff Writer

As you likely have heard, 2022 brings with it a new system for PACK time, a study hall session we all have had to deal with. This may confuse some people, so my job is to explain what these changes are. 

First off, you are expected to schedule yourself a lot more than you were before. This wouldn’t seem so menacing if it wasn’t the fact they were dishing out lunch detentions for students who fail to sign themselves up for a pack session of any sort. It would be a good idea to sign up for one of these soon or you might have a few problems coming your way. 

You also can now choose for specialized classes that are more for fun, games, and even plain study hall if you have C’s or higher, and nothing better to do. 

To top this, behavior for the better will grant you the ability to obtain tickets, known as PAWsitives. To revive the Elementary School’s PetStore for the modern era, PAWsitives allow you to get cool stuff in the library if you get enough. These will be given for your good behavior by teachers to you, so staying respectful will give you rewards you can purchase with these PAWsitives. Additionally, the more you have, the more you can buy, so stock up!

Other than these changes, PACK time will remain largely the same as it was before, though things like providing valid reasons for PACK time and stuff like that is enforced, PACK time itself will work just like it always has. Stay respectful and get rewarded.