Will Hughson High Bounce back?


Jonathan Anderson, Staff Writer

January 18, 2022 Escalon CA. 


The Lady Huskies came off a huge win against Ripon last thursday. The Huskies beat the Ripon Indians 48-38. Now the Huskies have a tough competitor the Escalon High Cougars. The Cougars are 3-1 in league and are coming off a 61-44 victory over the Livingston Wolves. Hughson is fighting to keep its undefeated title and keep the first place seed in TVL. While the Cougars are fighting to wreck Hughson’s undefeated title and take first place from Hughson. 


The Huskies started fighting right off the bat. Madi and Jessie Duron led the Huskies in scoring. Madi scored 14 points in 33 minutes of playing time. Jessie scored 10 points with 36 minutes of playing time. The sisters both scored 24 points combined. Unfortunately it was not enough to hold off the Escalon Cougars. The Huskies lost that game by a difference of eight points. The final score was 37-45.  


January 21, 2022 Hughson CA.


The Lady Huskies were devastated with the loss to Escalon. But they have another chance to come back the next game which was against the Ripon Christian Knights. 


The Lady Huskies now 3-1 look to keep up with the first place Escalon Cougars with a win. But Ripon christian had other ideas: they were looking to beat the Huskies for their third league win. The Knights are coming off a 37-32 loss to Ripon and are looking to bounce back. Their plans would be in vain thanks to Makayla Bleakley, Madi Duron, Gracie Quillen and Macie Quillen.


Makayla made two three pointers along with a layup to score eight points that game. Madi scored nine points and Gracie scored eight points. On the defensive side Macie had seven rebounds to help the Huskies scoring chances. The Huskies beat the Knights 39-27.