Local Animal Shelter Needs Your Help

Reece Houser, Staff Writer

Local Animal Shelters everywhere are constantly overflowing with dogs, until recent events. Many of us have adopted quarantine pups over the past two and a half years. Stanislaus Animal Services even reports to ABC 10 that people would, ¨line up at 2 a.m. right here in front of our shelter to adopt,” says Annette Bedsworth, Executive Director for Stanislaus Animal Services. However, as they say, everything that goes up must come down. Fast forward to very late 2021 and early 2022, these same dogs are being dropped off in the shelter parking lot at an alarming rate. 

Many of these dogs are large breeds, and relatively young. Unfortunately, some of these dogs are our very own mascot, huskies. These animals are speculated to be the product of over and irresponsible breeding, ABC 10’s sources conclude. Not only are these dogs being recklessly bred, but also have been getting thoughtlessly abandoned in shelter parking lots. Usually, Animal Service Agencies have a strict process in place so they can make sure the development is regulated safely and stays at a healthy capacity. Despite their efforts, people are still dropping dogs, creating a ginormous influx of animals. ABC 10 also reports that, “the shelter was 125 dogs over their capacity of 175.” 

With overcrowding this severe the shelter will quickly run out of food, supplies, and housing for the animals. Bedsworth has told ABC 10, “We have double filled kennels with dogs.” One thing everyone should know about dogs being this close together is the risk of kennel cough (canine infectious tracheobronchitis); a contagious respiratory infection that affects the upper respiratory functions of a dog. The symptoms mostly include a loud hacking cough, unusual behavior, signs of discomfort, or fever. With the highly contagious nature of the disease, it can travel through a pack of dogs this large at an unstoppable rate. 

This brings us to the point where these dogs can not speak, but if they could there would be cries for help. All dogs want a home, and as fellow huskies, there is a strong urge to help. Big dogs are being offered at a special rate, being that those breeds make up the majority of dogs in the shelter. Currently, you can adopt a 40lbs dog, or heavier for only 22 dollars. This will include dog tags and most to all fees that come with your pet’s adoption. As of now, the offer only extends till January 31st, but remember these big animals deserve a home just as much as their smaller companions. For more information contact or visit Stanislaus Animal Services. In conclusion, if you are ready to welcome a larger-than-life pup to your family, they are waiting for you at the Stanislaus Animal Services.