Sickness and Quarantine: The Big Difference

Matthew Richardson, Staff Writer

Sick days in the winter are very common. But, due to Covid, there’s now Quarantines that can be applied to your time at home. What’s even the difference between being sick and being Quarantined? Sickness has to be called in yourself, while Quarantine is enforced by being Covid Positive or near someone who is/was positive. Sickness is usually dictated time wise by the length of the effects of the sickness, while Quarantine is a 2 week home stay. Sickness work needs to be made up on your own time, but Quarantine work could be anything from just natural homework to Independent Study. Once you are clear of a basic sickness like a fever, you are allowed back, but you almost always need to wait extra time after symptoms clear from COVID to ensure safety. For the most part, you have a general idea of COVID Quarantine vs normal sickness time outside of school now.