HHS Teachers Share How They Met Their Valentines


Julian Langan, Staff Writer

Valentine’s day can be very stressful for people who aren’t in committed relationship’s, and especially other adults who aren’t married, but the real question is, is Valentine’s Day really that important? 

Keith Bullock, freshman geography/health teacher said, “I guess I got picked up……I was sitting watching a Giants game at a friends get together, she sat down and started chatting me up.” He also said, “I can be impulsive, I really like to buy stuff, she has slowed my purchases waaaay down.” As well as,”Just flowers and dinner, we stopped doing the gift thing about 10 years ago.” Also,”Best friend, somebody you want to share ALL your experiences with, good and bad.”

Cynthia González Newsome, Spanish teacher at HHS said,”I met my husband at the Fireman’s Ball at the Stanislaus County Fairgrounds on March 13th, 1980!” she also said ”Yes! We always go to Chicken Barn and See’s Candy (which is next door to Chicken Barn on McHenry)!  We buy our grandchildren gold coins and our kids get See’s Candy too!” Also “For me, love means a soft place to land.  I don’t feel judged, I am free to be my quirky self and those around me appreciate what I bring to the table and I in turn am free to accept

others, imperfections and all (none of us are perfect after all)!” Also, “I believe we need to acknowledge and appreciate our loved ones and Valentine’s Day is a perfect opportunity!”’

Gabrielle Glavich English teacher Said, “I met my significant other at a summer camp in High School.” She also said, ”My favorite memory is going to  A’s vs. Giants games together. We’re fans of opposing teams, so it’s always fun!” Also,  “I do not think having a Valentine is too important, but again, it doesn’t just have to be about a significant other. It can be a day to show appreciation for anyone you care about!”

Nathan Govett, English/Sports P.E teacher said,”My wife was my sister’s teammate on the swim team at MJC.” He also said “It’s hard to pick just one, but I was completely smitten the first time I saw her.” Also “Love is when you reach a level of caring for someone above all others, including yourself.”