HHS Students Speak on Campus Changes For the Better


Tyler Osgood and Noah Venegas

Because last year felt like 2020 to some, many students would like our school transformed into something new, something different. Diverse and similar to big and small, no matter the idea, they can make the school change for the better. 

Kyle Young, a freshman at HHS states, “The basketball hoops should be changed. The hoops are old and the school needs to change them”. Kyle also believes that the water fountains should be changed out, or “should at least be cleaned”. 

Maxwell Clawson, also a freshman at HHS, presents the idea of making the water fountains “actually functional and working”. To some students, it is more than the water that should be changed as some students say that the food and food options should be changed. 

Aiden Damas states that, “some of the food is good, but sometimes it’s unevenly cooked and mostly overall not that good”. Damas continues, “Some ways the food can be changed is if other student’s opinions spread throughout the school”. Aiden believes that others feel the same about the school food. “Another change the school should have is a snack bar, I think that would make a big difference in the school, and I think others would want that too”. 

Kenneth Massone, also a freshman at Hughson High, supports the idea of a snack bar, but would like to see the lunch choices changed. Kenneth states, “some of the choices aren’t very good. I think they should be changed”. Massone also states that “the lunch choices don’t necessarily need to be changed, because some students actually like them, they could just add some more options”. Kenneth believes that the snack bar is a “must have”. 

Many students believe that the school needs something new. Students’ opinions continue to grow as the school doesn’t change. From food and water, to construction and simple renovations, the students’ opinions can change the school for a better place.