What Was The Protesting?

Matthew Richardson, Staff Writer

Over the course of last week, you might have noticed something. Or you may NOT have noticed something that was indeed happening, like I did. But, no matter what you did or didn’t see, you heard Lighthall’s announcement over the PA last week mentioning a protest. What was it about? Why?

So, we all know people haven’t liked the idea of wearing a mask for a while. However, last week, students stepped up their disliking to masks by leaving classes to be apart of nationwide protests that were also occurring by revolting out on campus during school time. While it wasn’t many, it was a noticeable change with so many students either just walking out or a mob going to the bathroom without any indicators on what was going on. Around the end of the protests, everyone knew that there were those going on, so by the end of the final protest day, Lighthall told students to stop and even excused the AWOLs and other issues that not attending class caused, which I think was quite generous of him. Overall, it wasn’t much happening.