HHS Drama Students Share Their Excitement for Best of the Best!


Jonathan Anderson, Sports Reporter

Drama just finished their last play of the school year. The Little Luncheonette of Terror. Now what are they going to do next? What’s about to happen now that they have finished their last play of the year. The answer is in a school tradition. Best of the Best.
Best of the Best is a long time school tradition that has been going on for some years in which students are greatly looking forward to. “Basically we have an assortment of different performance categories that we do over a couple of months. Then the best performances from each period from each category get to perform in the live show,” says Owen Gauthier, a senior.
“Yes, because I get to show off basically. I get to show everybody how good I am in singing because I didn’t get to sing my song in Little Lunchette of Terror,” says sophomore Levi Walker.
The Best of the Best show will be happening next month, so if you want to know more make sure you come check it out!