Recap of HHS Formal 2022


Angela Bridgman, Staff Writer

February 17th was Hughson High School’s winter formal. The overall theme was “The Greatest Formal”. It was decorated with carnival-themed items. There were popcorn buckets and the lunch tables were moved to make room for the students. They placed red and white streamers on the top to represent a carnival tent. Since formal was from 8-10 pm, multiple heaters were placed outside to help with the cold. This year there were photo backdrops and photo cut outs that students could use to take pictures. There were also some differences in formal this year. In 2021, Hughson High could not have a formal due to Covid-19. This year’s formal was different from the one in 2020 because the 2020 formal was inside the theater. 

Formal this year had all kinds of snacks such as chips, crackers, and candy. All of the goods were placed under a white tent and were decorated with carnival themed items like red and yellow popcorn containers. Popcorn was also a big snack because popcorn is a main carnival food. In the middle of the tent, there was a popcorn machine and the chaperones would serve the students some if they would like. In case the students got thirsty, water bottles were also provided. I’m sure students were very happy with their snacks and water.

This year there were some differences with this year’s Formal and Formal in 2020. This year had a Formal King and Queen. The Formal King was Brandon Lundell and the Queen was Madison Jenks. There were also different things like photo backgrounds because formal was outside this year. Since the overall theme of the Formal this year was “The Greatest Formal”, decorations were carnival themed and the 2 main colors were Red and White or even Yellow for the popcorn buckets. 


Students overall were very happy with how Formal turned out to be this year. Emily Flora says “I liked how there was no drama or anything bad going on and that it was just everyone having fun safely together and it was much cooler than my freshman year since it was so hot in the theater.” Emily Flora also says, “I wish the music was a little better and the lights were not as bright but overall I thought it was pretty good!” Formal 2022 was definitely a fun night to remember. 


Formal was great this year. It was a fun night filled with music, dancing, snacks, and most importantly, fun! The snacks were great along with all the candy and animal crackers. The decorations really brought out the best of it because the colors really represented a carnival. Even though the music could’ve been a little better, students still had a lot of fun. Formal 2022 will be a great memory to look back on for students.