Question of the Week: Ismael Perlata


Julian Langan, Staff Writer

What are your thoughts on Russia invading Ukraine? 

Ismael Perlata: My thoughts are that this is a beginning to an end, in fact a while ago.Its a possibility even more that world war 3 is near.I also feel that everyone’s a little too focused on the invasion, also our media claims Ukraine is a democracy.When they’re similarly as bad as Russia so, be careful what information you regard as truth.Also I feel that many of us like to put things off like topics as war happening on our soil, but anything is possible.The world economic forum, cause people who predicted this “pandemic” where by foreign or our own faults:the power grid will turn off, about a minimum of 50% will turn off. I personally assume 75%. I also assume China will take Taiwan soon, or attempt to.Also I feel there will be an EMP attack from either China or Russia thus resulting in the cyber pandemic to happen.