Russia and Ukraine Update


Noah Venegas and Tyler Osgood

World War II ended September 2, 1945. There hasn’t been an invasion this large in Europe since then. On February 24, 2022, Russia launched a full scale invasion on Ukraine. As of today, the war continues and doesn’t show any signs of stopping. With both sides suffering, including civilian casualties, people wonder when it will stop. 

Russia was recently disconnected from the Swiss banking system and more sanctions are soon to follow. The president of the United States and its European Partners have been sanctioning Russia and have been watchful on distant shores. With the Russian assault on the Ukraine capital, the fight is getting more ferocious everyday Russian troops have been getting closer into the center of Kiev. They’ve also been using missiles to hit civilian buildings even though the Russians say they are not targeting civilians. However these things happen and this is the reality of war. There has also been heavy fighting to the East and to the South of Odessa, a major seaport and transportation hub on the shores of Ukraine. The  Europeans and Americans have sent aid to Ukraine. They have sent  350 million dollars and Stinger missiles to shoot down Russian aircraft. Russia is advancing towards Ukraine’s doorstep, but they’ve been encountering a fairly formidable resistance and is perhaps even a little stronger than they had anticipated. The Russian military outmatches and outnumbers the Ukranian’s, and Ukrainian President Zelensky says that it will continue to hold out. Individual citizens take up arms as volunteers, and have been making  Molotov cocktails and have put up checkpoints in their neighborhoods in defense of any Russian advance, all according to ABC News. 

Also according to ABC News Russian forces have entered Ukraine’s second largest city of Kharkiv, massive explosions occur with fire and smoke just filling the air. It is said that a gas pipeline was hit, and Ukraine’s government is warning that smoke in the explosion could cause an environmental catastrophe. Many are seeking shelter in subway stations, or have already left the country. The UN says at least 64 civilians were killed on Thursday, when Russia began its Invasion, and they do warn that number could rise in the upcoming days. 176 civilians were injured on the ground from aerial attacks, causing the 368,000 people to flee the country. The Ukrainian troops are trying to protect. Officials say Russian leader Vladimir Putin’s military forces are about 20 miles outside Kiev. Despite calls for Ukrainian president Zelensky to leave, he’s chosen to stay in the heart of the capital saying “we know we are defending our country, our land, our land, and our children’s Futures”. Volunteers continue taking up arms, fighting everyday against Russian troops. The White House has announced new sanctions against Russia. The US joined the European commission with France, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom, and Canada coming together and banning Russia from the Swiss Global Payments And the US providing more military equipment to Ukraine. Administration officials tell us with all of this week’s sanctions that Russian President Vladimir Putin  claims that sanctions will not affect Russia’s economy is just a myth.