Perks of Scheduling Pack Time Early

Matthew Richardson, Staff Writer

Recently, I have noticed lots of students who have been getting called to the office and missing out on socializing in lunch due to the enforcement of unscheduled PACK time lunch detention. Now, this is very unfortunate, but this begs the question, “When is it a good time to schedule PACK time?”

Well, there’s several ways, at least to me, to know the right time to schedule. For example, if you do not have any kind of work that needs to get done, you could opt to schedule a class for relaxation or study purposes, as several classes are made to allow you to study hall and relax for those who have those classes. If you are missing work in several places, you could choose to go to a class where you are missing such work, and prioritize work that would benefit you by a lot. There are also study hall classes such as the Library if you ever need a quiet place to study and not watch 2 kids fight over Goldfish (Based on a true story). You could also choose the PE class which hosts games and such for you to play while you have nothing to do. You could also just schedule your 4th period to allow you to relax and not have to move for  2 class periods. Those are my suggestions for effectively scheduling PACK time, and I hope you can get your next one.