Question of the Week: Rosa Walton


Julian Langan, Staff Writer

This week’s question of the week is: If you ruled the world what would be the first thing you do? Rosa Walton, a freshman at HHS, said,”I would start off by changing all these corrupt rules and I wouldn’t continue to have everyone live in a society where you can’t trust the own people who are supposed to be protecting you. My Society would be nothing but truths. I wouldn’t sugarcoat the reality of our world. I would give everyone the ability to have actual freedom of their decisions and beliefs. I wouldn’t force anything on anyone if it involves their body.I would change the court system because in today’s society lots of court cases are unfair and the court plays favoritism and I stand against that. I would change these unfair tax laws that only apply to certain states and change the gas prices, minimum wage. I would fix a lot of school issues too, not just place random people with any job so schools aren’t stuck with creepy teachers.”