What’s Going on in Ukraine: A Familial Perspective

Matthew Richardson, Staff Writer

Who doesn’t know what is going on with Russia and Ukraine at this point? While this is mostly an issue that doesn’t affect the American people, it’s kinda hit a wee bit close to me and my family. My mother is, indeed, from Ukraine, and she’s been hit quite hard about this. So, as the child who has been around with my mother during this whole incident, I’ll file my own case about my feelings about all this.

First of all, my opinion on the maestro behind the madness, Vladimir Putin. For years, my mom has said nothing good about him. And frankly speaking, I don’t blame her. All of his terms and such he has done pre-invasion were like Korea-Level messed up. He rigged the system, basically became a dictator, and has always been pushy to the pieces of the old Soviet Union. My mother has always said he wanted to gather those up and re-make the Russian Empire he had served years prior. He had also been a bully to Ukraine, banning them from joining things and getting legal rights that other countries had. And then, the attack. He had driven troops into Ukraine, which had my mom glued to the news all day. The day he opened fire on Ukraine, my mother had started crying that night. Seeing her upset and hearing my overseas family that are currently still in hiding were at risk? It didn’t make me feel good. Over the recent course of the war, despite the economic strain, Russia still is attacking, and even has plans to attack other parts of the old USSR, revealed by Belarus’ leader. Overall, I hope that Putin is put in place and Ukraine is able to win, so my mom is able to relax and rest for once.