Hughson High’s First Welcome to the Pack Since 2019


Jorge Ruiz, Staff Writer

On Friday, March 11th, Hughson held its annual “Welcome to the Pack.” The annual event is a freshman-conference that is meant to welcome those who will be, for lack of a better term, coming to join the pack of huskies as freshman next year. Many schools appeared at the event, such as Hickman, Gratton, and even Fox Road middle school. Before the Covid-19 pandemic, the last time this event was held was in the 2018 – 2019 school year, and welcomed the students who are now juniors. 

The event kept a lot of participants smiling. When asked about the event out of 6 people there was an overwhelmingly positive response showing that they all had a lot of fun at this event. The 8th graders also all agreed this event helped them understand Hughson High better, and see all it has to offer. The attendees agreed the presentations helped them know more about Hughson. This event was a huge success at helping everyone know this school and had a good time at the same time. Many people worked very hard to make this event the success it was.

The main event had food, animals and stations explaining clubs available to join at this school. Some of the senior class agreed that they wished something like this would’ve happened when deciding where to go for high school. This event really brought students and staff together by having a fun learning experience. 

As a whole this event made up the minds of many people to choose Hughson High School as their high school of choice.