Husky in the Hot Seat: Isaac Payan


Hailey Dimter, Staff Writer

Hailey: Name?

Isaac: Isaac Payan 

Hailey: Grade?

Isaac: 12th

Hailey: What are you involved in?

Isaac: I am involved in Farm Power and is able to drive and teach others about tractors

Hailey: What are some of your hobbies?

Isaac: Working, Video games, Hanging with friends, Ride Quads

Hailey: Plans after high school?

Isaac:To go to MJC for two years and then go to a trade school, After i want to try and open my own business

Hailey: Fav thing about our school?

Isaac: My favorite thing about our school is being able to do what i am interested in like mechanics, plumbing and welding also ag mechanics for tractors

Hailey: Favorite quote?

Isaac:  “Si Se Puede”

Hailey: Anything else you want to tell us about yourself?

Isaac: I like to spend time with family whenever I have the time to and be able to get out the house and stay active, here and there take a break and relax.