Student Appreciation


Sophia Sanchez, Staff Writer

Sophia Sanchez: Who is a student that is one of your best students? Someone who is outstanding, hardworking, a great peer, and over all smart.? 

Mr. Brown: The student I would like to talk about is Brandon Lundell.

Mr. Brown: As a Senior taking art for the first time in his four years at HHS, Brandon has excelled in my class.  He is a respectful young man with a positive demeanor who doesn’t let a day go by without saying “good morning” when he enters the classroom.  His willingness to challenge himself as a student with limited experience in the arts has been fun to watch throughout the year.  Brandon comes to class everyday with a great attitude ready to work.  Art making can be a tedious and laborious process that challenges one’s patience.  Brandon continually challenges himself with complicated and detailed pieces of art that require extreme focus and diligence.  It has been a pleasure to observe a  student with such an inspired approach to making art.  Because of his positive demeanor, work ethic, and determined approach to art making, Brandon has produced great work the entire year and I know will continue to do so as long as he is making art.