Hughson High Voices Their Opinions on the Mask Mandate


Noah Venegas and Tyler Osgood

For the past couple of years the world had to wear masks to prevent themselves from getting sick. However, in these new times, in many places, including Hughson high school, have lifted the mask mandate. Many are tired of the masks and enjoy having their face be free. Everyday, we see more staff and students throwing away their masks, but is it too early?

Some students agree that it may be too early to lift the mandate. A freshman, Kenneth Massone, states that, “It might have been kind of early to lift the mask mandate. Some people don’t like the mandate but it saves lives.” “Personally I don’t care for the masks, they are just a little annoying.” Massone believes that the mandate won’t come back because “there were alot of protests,” and that Covid cases are in rapid decline. Kenneth’s words contribute to the rapid decline in covid cases when he states, “The masks really helped slow the spread of Covid, which was good because for one, it was becoming less likely to get sick. Another reason is that creating the vaccine was not as rushed. It was still rushed because it was urgent, but I think it could have been a lot worse if the amount of cases was still on the rise”. “In the end, I don’t think the mandate won’t come back because I think it would lead to more protests, and cases don’t seem to be on the rise.”

Similar to what Kenneth said, Wyatt Allen does not think the mandate will come back, “Unless, obviously, there is a huge spike in cases.” Wyatt explains his answer saying, “This would suck because with the mandate lifted, I think it has a positive effect, in the sense that it is kind of another small freedom added to our country, and all around the world.” “The mandate to me was just another thing going on. I still went along with it, but it was annoying. As much as I wanted to complain, I didn’t because it would change anything. I could have chosen to go to the protests but it wasn’t beneficial in any way because I already knew it had to be lifted at some point, and if we don’t want cases to spike up again, why rush it?”  Allen continues, “However, there was a point when the mask was in a way, an added protection. After quarantine, the huge spike that caused quarantine was on a downfall, like a large downfall. I think at that point it should have been optional’ Allen believes that the protests only helped lift the mask mandate to “a certain extent” when he says, “the mandate caused enough people to keep protesting more and more. To the government, I think they saw it as complaining to the government, at some point they had to start listening”. Wyatt ends with, “Without the masks, I think people feel a small sense of freedom, and can actually enjoy school a little more.”