Student Appreciation: Daniel Jaime


Elizabeth Mendoza, Staff Writer

Mrs. Newsome has chosen an outstanding, hard working, successful and overall very smart student for the month of March. This month she chose Daniel Jaime.

Elizabeth Mendoza: What’s your name?

Daniel Jaime: Daniel Jaime

Elizabeth Mendoza: How many years have you attended Hughson district schools?

Daniel Jaime: I’ve been in the Hughson district from kindergarten to sophomore year.

Elizabeth Mendoza: What sports are you involved in?

Daniel Jaime: I’ve played soccer and am currently in track.

Elizabeth Mendoza: Who is someone that inspires you the most and why?

Daniel Jaime: Jesus Ochoa inspires me the most because of his accomplishments in track. He puts in tons of effort and I look up to him. 

Elizabeth Mendoza: Are you in any clubs and if so which ones?

Daniel Jaime: I’m in Hylc.

Elizabeth Mendoza: Who is a celebrity you look up to?

Daniel Jaime: A celebrity I look up to is Usain bolt. 

Elizabeth Mendoza: What are some of your hobbies?

Daniel Jaime: My hobbies are drawing, running and playing fortnite. 

Elizabeth Mendoza: What are your plans after high school?

Daniel Jaime: My plans are attending College and study to become an architect