The beginnings of a new season: Allergy Season


Jorge Ruiz, Staff Writer

7.7 percent of the population is affected by allergy season . Seasonal allergies are caused because of high amounts of pollen in the air getting into our nose . Seasonal allergies usually cause itchy or watery eyes and sneezing, this can be irritating to the people affected . According to Maryland Primary Care Physicians, warmer temperatures that are caused by global warming  lead to more pollen production which makes us sneeze when it gets in our nose . Maryland Primary Care Physicians stated “Many children have been quarantined for the past year, with limited time outdoors . Now that they’re starting to return to their regular routines, you may notice they’re sneezing, coughing and rubbing their eyes more than they have in past allergy seasons .  This may be because spending a year indoors has made them more sensitive to allergies,”

leading them to believe that it will be even worse this year . Alexandro Aguilar said “Seasonal allergies affected me my entire life.” Aguilar has found seasonal allergies to be quite irritating, “on a scale of 1-10  I would rate it a 8.” Ximena Ruiz and Fatima Zapien have said, “We have dealt with allergies for most of our lives.” Ruiz and Zapien stated, “We use pills to lessen the effect of the allergies.” Zapien and Ruiz agree it is very irritating, “We would rate it a 9/10 on a windy day and on 7/10 on a normal day.” These people have been affected by seasonal allergies and they all believe it to be irritating. Some tips to lessen the effect are cited by the Maryland Primary Care Physicians such as changing your AC filter regularly, changing clothing when you get home, closing all windows and if it is hard to avoid it you can take pills to lessen the effect.