The Balance Between Sleep and School

Matthew Richardson, Opinion Writer

We’ve all heard how sleeping is important from everyone plenty of times. However, how does it play into school? After all, why the heck do you need that funny 8 hours? First off, physically speaking, your eyes can’t take not having a long time to be shut, and they’d likely dry out, get sore, ETC. It would be one heck of a drag, and it wouldn’t help that your lack of sleep would make focusing a pain throughout the day. Second, generally speaking, your mood wouldn’t be too good in the sense that you would be very, very tired, of both the kind you wanna sleep and tired of everyone else. It is almost a recipe for disaster, especially considering the possible annoying people who anger you, if any, angering you. It also almost always makes you very irritable. Third, if things were very bad, you could fall asleep during the class, making even more problems! With the 8 hours of sleep, even if the morning is sleepy, you will have enough energy to take on school and then go home and maybe sleep if you want to. So, always be sure to get a good night’s rest, every night. Coffee doesn’t fix everything related to sleeping, and always do your best in school.