Husky in the Hot Seat: Nikhil Pardiwala


Sophia Sanchez, Staff Writer

Sophia Sanchez: What’s your name? 

Nikhil Pardiwala: Nikhil Pardiwala.

Sophia Sanchez: How old are you? 

Nikhil Pardiwala: 14 years old.

Sophia Sanchez: What grade are you in? 

Nikhil Pardiwala: 9th grade.

Sophia Sanchez: What is your favorite part about high school so far? 

Nikhil Pardiwala: Playing sports and hanging out with my friends.

Sophia Sanchez: Do you play any sports? 

Nikhil Pardiwala: Yes, I play football, basketball, and golf.

Sophia Sanchez: What do you plan on doing after high school? 

Nikhil Pardiwala: I plan on going to college and getting a job I like and pays well.

Sophia Sanchez: What’s one thing you are excited about doing in high school?

Nikhil Pardiwala: I am excited about playing all the sports once again.

Sophia Sanchez: What college do you plan on going to? 

Nikhil Pardiwala: I want to go to Stanford University.

Sophia Sanchez: What is your future dream job? 

Nikhil Pardiwala: My dream job is to be an athlete for football or basketball.