Husky in the Hot Seat: Mrs. McAndrews


Hailey Dimter, Staff Writer

Hailey: What’s your name? 

McAndrews: Amy McAndrews

Hailey: What do you teach? 

McAndrews: I teach 12th grade Government and Economics

Hailey: How long have you been teaching? 

McAndrews: I have been teaching for 20 years

Hailey: Why did you choose this career? 

McAndrews: My parents were educators and it was just a natural fit.  Plus I get summers off.  

Hailey: What’s your favorite part about teaching? 

McAndrews: My favorite part about teaching is being with the kids, imparting life lessons and being a part of the high school community.

Hailey: Favorite thing about Hughson? 

McAndrews: I love the students, the small town feel.  I work with an amazing staff. 

Hailey: A quote you love? 

McAndrews: “Life would be boring if it wasn’t busy.”  I am very thankful for a full life, that I am able to have many opportunities to learn and to grow, be a mom and a wife and a teacher.  

Hailey: A piece of advice you try to give to all your students? 

McAndrews: Surround yourself with people who build you up not tear you down. Find a career that you enjoy getting up in the morning to go do everyday.  

Hailey: Anything else you want to share ?

McAndrews:  Sure, I hope students take advantage of the many opportunities that HHS offers. You can learn to weld, draw, dissect, run, plant, learn a language and so many more.  We have a good product here and I hope all students participate and realize how lucky they are to go here.