HHS Students Give Their Opinions on Electives


Noah Venegas and Tyler Osgood

Hughson High School offers a range of electives. In some options, they are good, and others think that they need more work. As the school year comes close to an end, students choose their classes for next year. As students move farther into high school, more electives appear on the list. At this point in their time, it is up to them to decide what they want to take for their next year’s classes.

Sami Gordo, a freshman at Hughson High school believes that the present electives are a, “Good choice,” and has a, “Wide range and variety of choices.” However, Sami thinks that some electives aren’t in relation to the real world. She states, “I think they should add electives that can be helpful for some students’ careers.” Sami is satisfied with her current electives as she explains how her electives were chosen based on her best interest. She also explains that her school year, “Could be more interesting if students would be able to choose more than two electives.” Sami continues, “I still think the newer electives are cool, and it will definitely intrigue other students. When I heard that some of the electives would be replaced, it kind of made adding new electives seem pointless because it wouldn’t really make the list grow, it would make it stay the same. I don’t think they should have replaced the new electives.”

Rosa Walton, also a freshman at Hughson High, does not like the electives stating,  “I don’t think they should have replaced any classes because I feel some students don’t think they have any classes to choose from” Rosa continues, “I myself think they have a short range of electives. I think they should make the list longer with some more language classes, like french. I wish I could take french. So many students would take that class.” Walton also wishes she was able to take a class related to cooking like farm to fork.