Student Appreciation: Ximena Ruiz


Zuri Galvan, Staff Writer

Jack Bland nominated Ximena Ruiz for all of her hard work in Photography and Yearbook. Ximena Ruiz has a great attitude towards school and her peers and has grown a lot in her time at Hughson High School. 



Zuri Galvan: What’s your name?

Ximena Ruiz: Ximena Ruiz

Zuri Galvan: How many years have you attended Hughson District Schools?

Ximena Ruiz: I have been attending Hughson District since I was 5.

Zuri Galvan: What sports are you involved in?

Ximena Ruiz: I am not involved in any sports.

Zuri Galvan: Who is someone that inspires you the most and why?

Ximena Ruiz: Someone who inspires me is my brother Hector because graduated from a CSU, bought his truck and is going to school to study Occupational Therapy all by 22.

Zuri Galvan: Are you in any clubs and if so which ones?

Ximena Ruiz: I am in HYLC and Guitar Club.

Zuri Galvan: Who is a celebrity you look up to ?

Ximena Ruiz: I look up to Jenni Rivera because she went through so much.

Zuri Galvan: What are some of your hobbies?

Ximena Ruiz: My hobbies are Babysitting and finding new dance moves.