HHS Celebrates Easter and Spring Break


Noah Venegas and Tyler Osgood

 Winter is over and the cold is coming to a close, replacing it with warm weather and a gentle cool breeze. Spring is the gateway to summer and the end for winter. Along with it comes Easter and spring break.  A whole week where students get to get away from school and do whatever they please.

Aiden Damas, a freshman at Hughson High School, says he is going to Mexico to visit some family, looking forward to “having a great time”. Aiden wants to try new foods, go to new places, see some buildings and many more.

  Another freshman, Isayah Lobue, states “I’m going to go camping in Modesto, but I don’t know where. My parents won’t tell me”. Lobue also states, “I guess they plan on making it a surprise”.

From a teacher’s perspective, Mr Bland,  it’s a time to “refresh” and get some things done around the house. Bland plans on doing other things that he was unable to do for a while, such as cleaning up the yard and “mentally preparing myself for the rest of the school year”. 

Students and teachers alike, are looking forward to just relaxing at home with their family, or enjoying a week off of school to enjoy themselves on vacation during the holiday. Spring break and Easter is a time to come together with family and enjoy this holiday for Catholics and Christians. It will be a time for prayer and mass. Like many others, the holiday will invite a sense of joy and happiness to all. As spring comes and goes, the gates of summer will come and with it a time for swimming and sunscreen.