History of Easter


Angela Bridgman, Staff Writer

As the springtime rings in, it’s time for a wonderful holiday known as Easter. Easter is known for the Easter bunny, chocolate, decorating eggs, and Easter Egg Hunts. Although we don’t know much about how Easter became a holiday, people still love to celebrate it and enjoy their candy or even sometimes money that they received from the Easter Bunny. 

The name “Easter’ comes from the pre-Christian goddess in England, Eostre, which was celebrated at the Beginning of Spring. This reference comes from a British monk who lived in the late seventh and early eighth century. This year Easter is celebrated on Sunday, April 17th, 2022. Easter is also one of the holiest holidays of the Christians and is also celebrated by people of other faiths. 

Easter marks the resurrection of Jesus Christ three days after his death. This holiday also concludes the “Passion Of Christ ” which are a series of events and holidays that begin with Lent which is a 40 day period of fasting, prayers, and sacrifice and ends in a holy week. Although Easter is a holiday of high religious significance in the Christian faith, there are still many traditions that are associated with Easter that date back to pre-Christian times. 

For this Easter, families will be able to continue with their normal traditions like decorating eggs and Easter egg hunts and waking up to Easter baskets. Even though there isn’t much history on Easter, this won’t stop us from celebrating it.