Nueralink Makes New Advancements Towards Human Trials

Jorge Ruiz, Staff Writer

Neuralink is a company co-founded in 2016 by Elon Musk, the founder  of Tesla, SpaceX and The Boring Company. In an interview in 2019 with The New York Post, Musk claimed that it could cure conditions such as dementia, Parkinson’s disease and spinal cord injuries and help people with bad hearing or bad eyesight . Musk was interviewed about Neuralink and when interviewed by NBC News Musk said, “We have successfully planted chips into the brains of pigs and monkeys.” Musk has said, “We’re actually doing just a lot of testing and just confirming that it’s very safe and reliable and the Neuralink device can be removed safely.” In an interview with NBC News. According to Musk, “By dramatically reducing the time it takes to gather information, Neuralink will certainly render humankind a much smarter species than before.” As he said in an interview with The New York Post. When Neuralink was interviewed by The New York Post, Neuralink stated that it will link you to any device so that you only need to think of doing something to actually do it such as texting or making a call.
CBS News interviewed Neuralink and they have said  “We have successfully implanted the brain of a monkey” and also revealed some of the capability by saying “in a few minutes it was able to play a game of digital ping pong only using its brain”. Prag News interviewed Neuralink and they said, “The device is so small you will not be able to see or feel it.” Currently Neuralink is working on making the device last longer, as for now it will only last 6 – 12 months. Prag News interviewed  Neuralink and they said they should be starting human trials some time this year as soon as they get permission from the FDA(Food And Drug Administration).