3 Tips on Finishing the School Year Strong


Reece Houser, Staff Writer

Distraction. As a society, we are constantly being thrown distractions and these distractions hinder our capability to accomplish important goals. For many, a goal might just be passing a class and making it to summer vacation. After all, many people got a taste of what summer break could be like during the recent week off. Once our minds get a taste of that kind of luxury it is hard to keep focused. However, the race isn’t over yet, with a couple weeks left in school, here are a few ways to keep going and finish the year out strong. 

#1 Getting Organized. According to selecthealth.org and their article titled “5 Surprising Benefits of Being Organized” by Jeff Herbert, being organized can “…reduce stress and increase productivity”. Low stress and a productive mindset is exactly what makes a well functioning and successful student. Just by cleaning out your backpack and learning how to organize it in a way that is most efficient to you, can bring stress levels down and grades up. 

#2 Using A Planner. Dr. Barbra Markway (Ph.D.) wrote an article in 2018 for Psychology Today, that thoroughly explains why using a planner can improve productivity, relieve stress, improve health, increase creativity, and provide a safe place for record keeping. Dr. Markway describes reasons for stress in this article as “… a hectic schedule, having too many demands, or just putting too much on your plate.” By utilizing your planner this can create a good sense of order in your life and improve academic performance. It might just be the perfect thing to add to your routine to end the year out right. 

#3 Taking a Breath. Some people may say the key to a good work ethic is “all work and no play”; however this method is hardly sustainable. Everybody has to learn to take a breath and regroup every once in a while. Psychologists everywhere use breathing exercise to calm anxiety and ease stress. Unfortunately, school can cause stress and anxiety for many people. However, by simply breathing and taking some time to decompress and do an activity that you love, you could start breathing easier. According to an article written by North Grand High School taking a break can be “… good for your sanity and attention span”.

All in all, these 3 tips may allow you to persevere through the last 3 weeks, and maybe even enjoy the time you have left.