The Return to School: Final Recap

Matthew Richardson, Opinion Writer

This year was quite a strange experience. I mean, who wasn’t thrown for a slight loop returning to school for the first time since COVID-19 had struck the world like a storm. But, to be honest, everything this year was odd in its own rights. First off, to start, the whole mask thing was a strange controversy, due to some believing that masks don’t work at all. This led to a bit of a silent protest of people constantly forgetting masks and just throwing them away as soon as they left their class. Eventually, this led to walk-outs, which was less saying “No Masks!” and more saying “I didn’t wanna be in class LoL”. At the start of school, COVID cases would throw students out of class, and it caused students to be out of class for long periods of time, even me. Several events, such as school sports, had new guidelines. And even classes felt odd with masks, and felt even stranger when the mask mandate was over and we took them off. Once the oddities passed away, the school year returned to normal. But, since this was the first year for many in High School, since they were homestuck for 2020-2021. I was one of those people, and yes, it was a very odd experience. However, it isn’t to say this year was completely strange. It was the beginning of returning to normal life, and even some things new for some of us. In some ways, this year was just like the many before it in more ways than one.