Husky in the Hot Seat: Xavier Pabon


Zuri Galvan, Staff Writer

Zuri Galvan: What’s your name?

Xavier Pabon

Zuri Galvan: How old are you?

Xavier Pabon: 19

Zuri Galvan: What grade are you in?

Xavier Pabon: I am a senior 

Zuri Galvan: How many years have you been in HHS?

Xavier Pabon: I’ve gone to Hughson all 4 years of high school

Zuri Galvan: What do you plan on doing after high school? 

Xavier Pabon: After high-school I want to look into becoming a journalist or a psychologist, one of the two, but the two careers do go together. Until I’m able to do that, I’ll work with finances and money

Zuri Galvan: What is your future dream job? 

Xavier Pabon: My dream job is a psychologist, I love the human mind and want to help people

Zuri Galvan: Are you going to prom? , with who?

Xavier Pabon: I’m going to prom but I’m not going with anyone in particular, just with my friends

Zuri Galvan: Where are you planning to go to college?

Xavier Pabon: I do plan on going to collage at some point in my life