Husky in the Hot Seat: Leigha Nielsen


Hailey Dimter, Staff Writer

Hailey: Name?

Leigha: Leigha Nielsen

Hailey: Grade?

Leigha: 9th/ Freshman

Hailey: What are you involved in?

Leigha: CSF, key club, FFA, tennis,Jr rodeo, 4-H 

Hailey: Hobbies?

Leigha: horses, ffa, shopping

Hailey: Plans after graduation?

Leigha: go to college ; do something in the rodeo pursuit

Hailey: Favorite quote?

Leigha: ¨if you got a dream chase it cause your dream won’t chase you back¨

Hailey: Fav memory of school activity?

Leigha:  float building 

Hailey: Fav teacher?

Leigha: Mrs schmidig

Hailey: Dream college?

Leigha: Chico 

Hailey: Dream job?

Leigha: to own a business

Hailey: Fav vacation?

Leigha:  camping