Students Glad to Be Back Post-Distance Learning


Julian Langan, Staff Writer

We all know the last two years of school have been out of the ordinary and this year has been so far the closest year to being a normal year. People at Hughson High have mixed feelings about how the year went. Martin Ochoa, a 10th grader at Hughson High School, expressed the fact that coming back to school this year has been a challenge. “For me it’s been one of the hardest years so far, I believe online was easier compared to real life.” He elaborated by stating,”I felt less anxious and more comfortable in my house compared to school.”

Other students on campus had a more positive experience. Lillian Hixenbaugh, a 10th grader, stated, “I think this year at HHS is better than last year because we’ve been able to physically be in school, we also have a normal schedule now, and that makes it easier to get into the rhythm of a consistent schedule.”

Jose Zapien, a 10th grader, shared a positive experience by saying, “This year was easier than online and less stressful and in overall a better year. It’s better than last year because we have more sports open and have full seasons for all sports and it’s much better. This year is better than online because we can ask questions to the teachers.”

Ms. Sanchez, the librarian, stated, “I feel this year has been vast improved since last school year. I feel students have been excited to participate in more school activities after missing out for 18 months.”

Fernando Rubio, a 10th grader, said, “The year was fun, coming back to school in person was great after being home on covid, sports were now able to be played, and everyone came back to school.The year is way better than last year because, I can socialize with friends, new people, teachers, etc. The social part of school is fun.”