Teacher of the Month: Mrs. Moore


We are rapidly heading toward the end of the school year and The Hughson Paw wanted to present the Teacher of the Month one last time before we close out 2022. The person who was selected this month is one of the most dedicated teachers on campus and is someone the students of HHS know they can depend on for support and is often the first person they turn to for help. 

Mrs. Moore has worked for the Hughson Unified School District since 1994. She has worked at Hughson High School for 15 years, originally as a paraeducator. Moore eventually earned her teaching credential and became a teacher at Hughson High School. 

Moore said she became a teacher, “because I really do enjoy watching students of all ages get excited about learning”. She continued by saying, “My favorite thing about teaching is watching the students gain confidence in their learning process and watching their faces light up when they feel good about what they have done”.

Looking back on her own education she reflected by mentioning, “my 4th grade teacher, Mrs. Greenfield inspired me to do my best. She went out of her way to make sure I was working to my full potential”. 

When Mrs. Moore isn’t on campus supporting the students of HHS, she enjoys spending time with her family and cruising on her bicycle through the streets of Hughson. Next time you see Mrs. Moore riding her bike through town be sure to congratulate her for being recognized as the amazing educator she is and thank her for everything she does for this community.