Senior Class of 2022 Prepare for Graduation


Angela Bridgman, Staff Writer

As the school year comes to an end, seniors are preparing for their last days of high school. High school graduation should be an important memory to look back on. Getting involved in senior activities make a seniors last days memorable but only if you show up and participate in them. Even though high school is difficult at some points, you should always think about what the outcome is. Graduating should be celebrated as a big milestone in life and achieving your high school diploma is a very superior achievement. 

The best part of senior year are the events that come along with it such as Senior Sunset, Sober Grad Night, Day On The Green/Grad Walk, Prom, and of course Graduation! Another important event for seniors is Academics Alive where seniors receive awards based on their academics. The month of May is filled with many events for seniors to be a part of!

Seniors can say that the past 4 years have been a bumpy ride. Xavier Pabon, a senior here at Hughson High says, “The best part of senior year has to be how much my friends and I have grown from where we all started.” Xavier also said, “Senior year is your last school year, at least for high school so make it great!” Making the last days of your senior year should be exciting and memorable.

Even seniors will come across obstacles. It’s the final year so it’s good to make it memorable while maintaining good grades. Luke Mountain says “The best part of senior year was making memories with my friends.” Luke also said, “For the upcoming seniors I would say cherish the time you have in high school because by the time it’s over you won’t realize how fast it went by.” High school memories are good to hold onto so you can look back on them in the future.  

As we get older, time flies by. An example of this is high school. It’s crazy to think that just a couple years ago we were in middle school. Now some of us are graduating and some of us are going to be seniors. Senior year should be filled with memories and making sure that you are being a part of it and attending all the events that were listed in the Senior Bulletin. Congratulations class of 2022!