Tips to Help with the Start of School


Matthew Richardson, Opinion Writer

With a new school year comes a need to remember some fundamentals for dealing with school. I’ll go over some of my usual tricks and tips that I tend to do, as the beginning of the school year is the most important time, as your grades are at their most impactable at this point. One of the easiest things you can do is finish homework in class. If given the chance, don’t waste it, as if you finish it in class, you have got less to do overall. Some classes don’t provide time in class for homework, so the next tip is to list yourself all the things you need to do. Plotting down everything you have been assigned can help you keep track and manage your time with your homework. You can even list them in order of importance, such as big projects behind imminently due homework, but still valuable. Some people can do this mentally, but notebooks and written logs can help you keep track of anything you may need to do. Plus, with all these notes taken about your homework, you can keep track of any due date, and can keep your notes with your Homework Schedule. Another thing is to memorize a course to and from your classes, so you can optimize time spent walking between your classes so you can arrive on time/know when it’s appropriate to take a bathroom detour. All in all, as long as you persist at school, you will likely succeed.