Husky in the Hot Seat: Pricila Ruiz


Yasmin Duran: How old are you?

Pricila Ruiz: I am 14 years old.

Yasmin Duran: What grade are you in?

Pricila Ruiz: I am in 9th grade.

Yasmin Duran: Are you planning on staying in HHS all 4 years of High School?

Pricila Ruiz: Yes, I am planning on staying all 4 years.

Yasmin Duran: What do you plan on doing after High School?

Pricila Ruiz: I am planning to go to college after High School.

Yasmin Duran: What is your future dream job?

Pricila Ruiz: My future dream job is becoming a Vet Assistant.

Yasmin Duran: What is something that has happened in your life that brought you to realization of what life is really about?

Pricila Ruiz: Coming to HHS brought me to realization of what life’s about because it’s way different than elementary and middle school.

Yasmin Duran: What is one piece of advice that you have for the other students?

Pricila Ruiz: One piece of advice I can give is to really pay attention and don’t let your homework pileup.