Three-Day Weekends: Should We Have Them EVERY Week?


Johnny Martinez, Staff Writer

We all know almost everyone loves a three-day weekend. With the recent events of the labor day taken off of our school days, the majority of the students and staff enjoy having an extra day to relax. But what if we could have a three-day weekend EVERY week? Most say this would be an excellent change, and that is where the idea of the weekend extension comes in!

 With the extension, we could have Saturday and Sunday as our weekend with the additional Wednesday as our third day off. English teacher Jillian Jimenez stated, “I think that people would overall be happier to spend more time with their loved ones. Depression is so common nowadays, I do feel it would be beneficial and reduce stress for many people.” 

The weekend extension would give more time to spend with family and friends, and it creates a calmer environment overall. 

Jimenez had also pointed out, “I have always said that our weekend should be 3 days. One day for cleaning, one day for grocery shopping and other errands and one day for fun/relaxation.” 

The main idea of the extension is to give people in our community more opportunities to relax, have fun, and spend time living a life while still working hard and efficiently. Most suggest using the extra days given to take up hobbies or make up work that is past its initial timing. 

Freshman student Samantha Fredrick adds, “If the weekend was extended I would feel more relaxed. Having a break in the middle of the week would give people time to breathe and relax during a stressful week, and you would have an extra day to make up work without having more work added on.” 

The idea would keep people working and going to school, getting paid. Of course, pay rates can be adjusted without lowering the rate and people can always work overtime. The weekend extension would give more opportunity for exploration and family time, as discovering new places and spending time with family and friends is just as important as a hard-working job.