Pack Time Returns Once Again This School Year

Matthew Richardson, Opinion Writer

It has returned once again this year. PACK time. A self-appointed help period that is actually a requirement for not getting a lunch detention. The time you have to schedule yourself for these classes is vastly more strict than last year. First, you need to schedule yourself on Enriching Students, an extension of Clever, before Monday of that week. Secondly, you need to choose classes that will help you, or at least somewhere to be. If you do not have any classes you wish to be in, I would highly recommend hanging out in your Elective Class, as usually you can stay quiet and out of everyone’s way during that time. Another optimal strategy is to just book your 4th Period. In all honesty, you are gonna end up there anyhow, so it’d just be planning ahead. Some students however won’t get such a luxury due to class issues. It is important to check on Enriching Students every PACK time day to ensure you don’t happen to have a PACK time class that you yourself didn’t schedule. Using the morning or Break of the Monday before the week begins is a great way to avoid problems, then all you’d need to do is look at where you must go that day. Weekends or Friday are also good ideas as well, since those are right after previous PACK time sessions. As for what to do in PACK time, I recommend studying up for tests, finishing Homework, or even relaxing if you don’t have either to worry about. All in all, keep up with your Clever’s Enriching Student’s Account, and have a good PACK time!