HHS Drama Prepares For Their First Breathtaking Show Of The School Year


Yasmin Duran Ortiz, Staff Writer

This fall, Hughson’s Theater is working on the Newsies production. A play based on a true story of poor teenagers who work together for a life without education. HHS Drama class will be performing two plays and a talent show this school year. What plays should the students expect from this school year?

The drama class is excited for their second year back onto the stage in front of the audience, without the use of masks. “It’s a lot better since it was hard doing plays with masks on as for everyone else in anything,” says Brad Thompson, the theater director.

Students should get prepared for the two amazing shows. Thompson states, “Expect to see two great shows, Newsies and The Wizard Of Oz.”

Joseph Anderson, who is cast as Les in the play, shared his opinion about how he feels about the production by stating, “Speechless, a lot harder than it looks.” 

Thompson adds, “Rehearsing everything is important but the most important thing is getting your head in the game, having a great attitude, and a willingness to work with other people.”

For Newsies, the stage will be opening on October 11th and will close on October 15th. Make sure to not miss this amazing opportunity to watch a great show!