Teacher of the Month: Mr. Ellington


Johnny Martinez, Staff Writer

During the month of September, our elected Teacher of the Month is Mr. Ellington! He currently teaches high school agriculture to 9th through 12th graders, and has been teaching his students how to thrive in agricultural areas for 28 years. 

Mr. Ellington took classes at Tracy High School, graduated as a part of the Class of 1980 and moved to Cal State University Fresno. After graduating from university, he earned his Bachelor of Science Degree along with the Single Subject Agricultural Teaching Credential and the Agriculture Specialist Teaching Credential. He completed his final student teaching in June of 1987 at Ripon High School, successfully becoming a full-time teacher. Mr. Ellington had many great teachers and supporters along the way during his highschool journey. He stated, “I was very hyperactive and school was very hard for me. During my junior year of high school in the Tracy High Agriculture/Tracy FFA Program my life came together. My high school agriculture instructors were so patient and taught me hands-on skills for life.” 

Once Mr. Ellington had found that he was elected as Teacher of the Month, he replied with, “I felt extremely touched and honored to be nominated to be Teacher Of The Month.  Hughson High School has extremely talented teachers and administrators.“

To Ellington, teaching is an ecstatic experience. He claimed, “Teaching is extremely important to me! I want to touch the lives of my students just as my agriculture teachers touched my life. I want each of my students to graduate from the Hughson High School Agriculture Program with self confidence and a tool box full of skills for life.”