Hughson High Prepares For Their Annual Pulled Pork Dinner


Tommy McCullough, Staff Writer

Saturday, October 2nd from 4-7 p.m. is this year’s Pulled Pork BBQ. Each ticket is only $15 and you get a whole homemade dinner which includes Pulled BBQ Pork, a Hoagie Roll, Macaroni Salad, and Beans. Generally, they sell out of tickets and meals at 2000, and all of the money goes back into the school.

 Kristen Maciel, one of the four Ag teachers here at Hughson High, stated, “What people don’t see inside the kitchen is all the hard work and long days that our booster members put in. For some events, members are starting bbqs and bean pots at 5:45 AM and don’t leave until the last dish is dry at 10PM. They are standing over hot bbqs and boiling pots the majority of the day. There is also a lot of laughter and good memories are made.” 

Another Ag teacher at Hughson High, Kelly Larson, commented, “Money raised is used to help fund students registration and travel costs associated with National and State FFA Leadership Conferences, provides over $15,000 in scholarships to graduating seniors each year, provides loans for students needing FFA project start up, pays for all the fair bedding costs for both 4H and FFA, and pays for our annual FFA Banquet refreshments.”  

Buying a ticket not only gets you an amazing homemade dinner, but it also raises more money to go into numerous different things within the school which can help grow it. Ever since they started doing pulled pork dinners since 2010, they have gone from serving 150 meals the very first year to now selling out at 2000 meals, Kelly Larson says, “Each year is better and better!” 

After working all day and a little into the night everyone is surely hot and tired. However, everyone can rest easy knowing that they have successfully made and sold all those meals and generated a ton of money for the school.