Movie Review: The Princess and the Frog

Ysabella Vasquez, Staff Writer

The Princess and the Frog contained the first ever, African-American princess in Disney history. The romantic comedy film was first released in theaters by Walt Disney Pictures on December 11, 2009, and is now available on Disney+. The Princess and the Frog took place in New Orleans, Louisiana during the 1920s jazz age. Disney is known for having tons of music in their movies like Aladdin. The music was produced and written by Randy Newman. The motion picture was beautifully hand drawn and isn’t as animated on computers as their newer movies.

The feature film has taught its audiences some valuable lessons such as that just because you dream of something it does not do anything to help it come true. Not unless you work hard just like Tiana did by working multiple jobs at once, once you put in the effort then you can achieve your goals.

Some background on Tiana is that she is an African- American woman in Louisiana whose mother is New Orleans’s greatest seamstress, Eudora, and her father passed away when she was a child. Tiana’s mother, Eudora, was constantly worried about her daughter overworking herself. 

Because Tiana was the first African-American Disney princess, many people were excited about this movie, but just because they were excited does not mean they wouldn’t have anything they disapproved of.

Many people had mixed thoughts about Tiana’s love interest, Prince Naveen, who isn’t black. Others saw nothing wrong and that was good to have an interracial couple in Disney. Others were also upset during the making of the Disney animation because they originally planned to name Tiana, Maddy, a non-African American name. Also, she didn’t work as a waitress at a small diner, she was a maid for a white family. Obviously, Disney replied and made some corrections to please their audience since we recognize her as Tiana and not Maddy, a waitress at a small local diner.

At the start of the movie, she is known that Tiana Rogers, the main protagonist, has a dream to own her own restaurant and we are shown how hard she works to make that dream into a reality. She plans on transforming a sugar mill into a restaurant, a place where her father originally wanted to open a restaurant before he was sadly killed in action during WWI and sell his Gumbo which was loved by all living in her neighborhood. 

Then we have Prince Naveen, a lazy and spoiled prince who plans to marry Charlotte la Bouff for her money after the King and Queen were tired of his shenanigans and stopped supporting him financially. At the masquerade-themed party thrown by her best friend Charlotte, Tiana ran into the cursed frog prince who somehow convinced her to kiss him. When she kissed the frog she was turned into one herself. She is now on a mission to reverse the prince’s curse and turn him and herself back into a human. During their journey to find Mama Odie, a blind 197-year-old Voodoo priestess, to turn the frog back into a prince. At first, Tiana was hesitant to help him so Naveen promised to help her start her restaurant if she succeeded in turning him back. Little does he know he doesn’t have any money. On their journey, they made friends with Louis, an alligator with a passion for music and jazz, and Ray, a firefly who is in love with a star named Evangeline.

Although it had a rocky start during the movie production, many people enjoyed it and said It was a nice animated musical fantasy romantic comedy movie and adaptation of the frog prince. It’s a movie loved by children for its princess, plot, and jazzy music. 

I enjoyed the movie and it is one of my favorite Disney movies. Many people had negative things to say whereas I have positive things to say about it. When I first watched it I was a child but when I re-watched it at around 6 and I fell in love with it. I enjoyed the plot. I haven’t seen many movies when i was younger but i was obsessed with Disney and the princesses but this still was my favorite. I also enjoyed the music. My favorite one has to be “almost there” and the song they sang when they first met Ray and Louis. The plot was refreshing and I enjoyed the bit of action that was played at the end of the movie when Dr. Farcilier chased after Naveen and Tiana. My favorite Characters would be Louis, Ray and Charlotte. I love Ray and Louis because their voices when they sing were beautiful and they were funny and I love Charlotte because of her attitude but I also like how she didn’t freak out on Tiana and Naveen about them being together and just supported them. My point is that I really enjoyed this movie when I was younger and I still do 9 years later.