Movie Review: Legally Blonde

Ysabella Vasquez, Staff Writer

Legally Blonde is a Classic 2000’s comedy film directed by Robert Luketic. Legally Blonde made its box office debut on July 13, 2001. The motion picture was based on Amanda Brown’s 2001 novel of the same name. It originated from Brown’s experience at Stanford University as a fellow blonde who also enjoyed fashion and enjoyed reading the magazine Elle.

The stunning film is about a sorority queen named Elle Woods who was dumped by her ex-boyfriend Warner Huntington III. Warner broke up with Elle because he believed that she would hold him back from his career in being a lawyer and she wasn’t wife material or serious enough. He wanted someone that can support him and give him a good image not some “dumb blonde.” Of course Elle was upset and wanted to win him back by joining him in Harvard by applying to the University and becoming a Lawyer to show that she is smart. But, not many people believed in her. Some even tried to talk her out of it. No one thought she had the ability to pass the LSAT (Law School Admission Test). When she passed the exam with an almost nearly perfect score of 179 (out of 180) many people were shocked. She then joined Harvard. At first many people believed she had connections to get in and there was no way she could pass, but after a few trial and errors leading to upset professors and the students in class, she proved that she too can become a lawyer and is serious. 

She used her summer law program trial as an opportunity to show her peers that she is smart. During this trial she develops feelings for Emmet Richmond. She proved to them that she can solve a murder mystery, all it took was hard work, loyalty and trust in her client.  

This comical film is enjoyed by many as it is amusing to watch. I didn’t get to watch it till this summer and it easily became one of my favorite movies. I loved how it was funny and how sassy Elle was. I also enjoyed how Elle didn’t let people’s negativity affect her and continued proving them wrong. This motion picture breaks the stereotypes of blondes and opens its audiences eyes that being blonde does not automatically make you dumb. Although there are still some stereotypes around today about blondes, Legally Blonde and Amanda Brown really did their best in shutting them down and made something amusing out of it. I totally recommend this show especially if you’re into movies from the 2000’s.