Covid School Years: A Comparison Between 2021 and 2022


Jesus Ayon Garcia and Miguel Castillo

Compared to last year this year has started out quite differently. The most drastic difference between last year and this year is having to wear a mask. At the beginning of 2022 we were still required to wear masks but, at the end of the school year the rules changed allowing us to choose if we wanted to wear a mask or not. 

Adrian Gutierres, a freshman at Hughson High School, said, “masks were a bad thing to wear during school because it would be hard to breathe with a mask on“. Gutierres added, “I got covid and it was really bad and I still had to zoom and I did not really understand from the computer.”

Gutierres continued to say that, “it was even harder to participate in Physical Education with a mask and run around the school with a mask on.” 

Noe Pacheco, also a freshman at HHS, stated that, “I had problems with zoom because of wifi errors.” When Pacheco had covid, he said, “it was hard to concentrate during virtual classes.” 

Robert Lively, said that during Zoom classes his grades did not suffer. “It was easy,” he stated. 

He added, “this year is going better than last year because we now have the option to wear a mask and can go into public places.”  He stated that, “it was hard to pay attention to the teachers because of home distractions and other things, and wifi outages were a major problem for many people.”