New Enrichments Added To Pack Time

Matthew Richardson, Opinion Writer

You may have noticed, when you scheduled for your usual Thursday PACK time class, some classes appear to have different names and even functions than their usual counterparts from Tuesday. While both function exactly the same, the naming difference is all thanks in part to a wonderful new type of PACK time class, an Enrichment Class. Enrichment classes aren’t like a usual PACK time, where you schedule for a class you desperately need help in or a place to relax, however, not everyone can sign up for this class. You must maintain a minimum of a grade above a D to be able to sign up for these classes, since they’re mostly for those who don’t have places to be. Now, what can you do in such classes? One example is Mr. Bland’s class, which changes from Journalism to a Guided Meditation class! In this instance, Bland will guide the class through a meditation process to help soothe and calm participants of stress, and that is just an option, as Journalism and Photography students can spend their time doing work instead! Bland isn’t the only option, as classes like Mr. Baker can help you complete OSHA certification, or Mrs. Jones, who lets you play a PickleBall tournament among other activities. All of these classes necessitate the same grade requirements, so be sure to keep them up to let yourself enjoy the fun, and Enrich yourself with these Enrichment classes!