FFA First Meeting Rescheduled


Hailey Dimter, Staff Writer

Heat Waves!! A frequently mentioned topic as summer time rolls around. With the heat comes pool days, backyard barbecues and much more. But, with the heat also comes inside events and trying to keep cool and away from the hot temperatures. This means postponing events and special occasions. Here at Hughson we were to have our first annual “Taco Fiesta” FFA Meeting in the Garden, on September 14th. Unfortunately because of the heat wave that came in September, with high temperatures up to 114 and unhealthy breathing conditions, our FFA meeting was postponed to this upcoming Tuesday October 4th from 5-6. Ms. Schmidig says,“This meeting is a great way to kick off FFA and the students and FFA chapter members love it as well, but definitely not in the heat.” She also said, ”Tacos and spanish rice, as we all gather in the garden for our meeting, is a great way to have fun.” So, everyone come join us on October 4th for this awesome meeting and food!