Community Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month


Natalie Velasco and Gisselle Rodriguez

Why do we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month? To celebrate and recognize the history and diverse cultures of the Latin American community. Hispanic Heritage Month is in the middle of September, it takes place on the 15th and ends on October 15th as well.

 The colors that represent this month are intensely bright colors like, orange, red, yellow, and green with some being muted colors. Most Hispanic  traditions consist of certain foods, ceremonies, celebrations, and activities. Miranda Reynaga, a junior at Hughson High, said she celebrates, “Quinceañeras, el día de Los Reyes, Cinco de Mayo, and Las Posadas.” 

This month makes people appreciate their culture more. She added, “It feels nice to know that there is a month dedicated to us and it makes you want to get more in tune with your culture and stuff.”  

It is important to know and celebrate your heritage to recognize histories of cultures. She stated, “So we don’t forget where we are from and our roots.” 

Hispanic Heritage month began as a week in 1968 under President Lyndon Johnson. It was then expanded by the U.S. President Ronald Reagan in 1988 from a week to a 30-day period. Shared values, customs, and beliefs that give society an insight to your heritage, is what makes up culture. The lifestyles  a society has, the language they use, arts, food, stories, and fashion are included in cultures. Mrs. Newsome, a Spanish teacher for Hughson High said, “We have a lot of cultural traditions. We love to have menudo, tamales at Christmas time. I love to put out la Virgencita de Guadalupe, always la traigo siempre. In our home my curtains are serapas, so I just think that’s the coolest thing, my husband did that. At first I thought that it was too much and then I thought it was very cool.” 

People should be proud of their heritage and the history behind it. In this instance, for this month, people celebrate all across the country. She added, “I’m super proud that we have a month for our heritage, this month and everyday of the year for me, verdad. It’s just important to know that wherever we come from we should be proud of who we are.” 

There are around 17,000,000 indigenous people in Mexico. Mrs. Newsome stated, “I think it’s important to know who you are and where we come from and for us I really admire the indigenous part of our heritage. I love that we come from Mayans and Aztecs and that Mayans were scientists. I just think it’s very impressive that we come from very intelligent people.”

People celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month to recognize the history and diversity of the Latin American cultures. There are many traditions, celebrations, ceremonies, etc. that people take part in to show their involvement in their relative community.