Ellington Speaks On Holt Of California Partnership


Brody Folse, Staff Writer

Brody: What does Holt provide us here in Hughson?

Ellington: Provides us mini Excavators,skid steers, training sessions with students.

Brody: How long has Holt been providing us stuff?

Ellington: Since about 2007 when the partnership started.

Brody:What are your favorite thing about the partnership?

Ellington: My favorite things about the partnership is giving students the ability to take the courses for training and accurate equipment skills.

Brody: What does it do for the students?

Ellington: It gives the students a chance to learn the machines and for all the students to be responsible with machines.

Brody:What are the machines used for?

Ellington: The machines are used for making sure the students are safe equipment operators. Teaching students how to be trained troubleshooters.

Brody:How often does our school go over to Holt?

Ellington: Our school goes to the Holt yard 2-3 times during the spring for training visits.

Brody: Do you feel like Holts customer service is good?

Ellington: I think it’s excellent received feedback from others like growers and personal experience.

Brody:How does the help of holt help our Ag departments?

Ellington: It helps each student have a marketable experience and good maintenance skills.

Brody: Do you feel like the machines are very useful for Ag days?

Ellington Yes they help with the farming and give the kids at the elementary school a fun experience.

Brody:Do you like using the machines from Holt?

Ellington: Yes, I think they are very nice and fun to drive.