HHS Students Express Their Opinions On Halloween Movies


Presley Wells and Sophia Sanchez

It’s the spookiest season of the year where the leaves began to fall, the pumpkin sales go soaring, horror specials begin to sell, candy begins to get devoured, pumpkins begin to start making faces, black cats begin walking the streets, ghost and ghouls come out ready to haunt this month away, bonfires begin to light, clowns begin chasing children, the corn becomes candy, get your costumes and get them scary, and during the 31 days of Halloween, watch the movies that could make you laugh or scream.

Finnley Wells stated “I like Halloween movies better because I hate horror movies, they make me throw up because they are only good when a guy is next to you”

Bryce McDaniels is sad to prefer “Horror movies because it is funny to see people scream at them.”

Levi Osborne said “Horror movies because they are just better.”

Julian Padilla, a campus supervisor commented, “I like both because I like to watch scary and kid movies because I have kids and I like to watch the movies with them.”

Greg Ecker asserted “Horror movies because they are fun to watch with friends”

Mrs.Glavich added “Horror movies because they are more suspenseful and if I watch a Halloween movie I would get bored and go on my phone unless it is Hocus Pocus.”